Our Experts

Our experts have one true mission, which is to provide the best possible services and solutions so that our clients can consistently outperform their competitors, gain market share, and maximize their return on investment, while solidifying or strengthening a foundation to sustain rapid growth and expansion for years to come.

When clients choose to work with Sunascen Therapeutics, we start by matching our client’s goals and objectives, and identifying challenges at hand to uncover potential opportunities for growth. To accomplish this we assemble a team that has proven experience, expertise, and an outstanding record of achievement that is best suited to our clients needs.

The majority of our experts and professionals have obtained an MBA and/or MD, PhD, JD, PharmD, MS and other advanced degrees from top-tier institutions. Prior to joining Sunascen Therapeutics, these individuals have held key positions with the country’s top performing pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies in areas such as finance, regulatory affairs, clinical research, medical affairs, marketing functions, and information technology. Our experts have also held integral roles at top consulting and investment firms focusing on corporate and financial strategies, transformations, and investments. This level of industry experience is what sets us apart from our competitors. It allows us to provide superior services and insights so our clients may obtain maximum results.

Due to the nature of online communication, security is a prime concern of Sunascen Therapeutics as well as our clients. We understand the level of network security required by our clients, and for the same reasons we have chosen not to post personally identifiable information of our employees on this website. This information will be available to our clients as needed.