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NOTE: As health professionals, we are aware that the treatment of any condition or illness is a patient specific approach. Especially when it comes to the treatment or management of pain. Therefore, when using MYGRIN® products for pain relief, we would like to remind you to take the minimum effective dose to help relieve your pain without exceeding the maximum recommended daily dose, unless directed by a doctor. If your pain is persistent, please speak with a doctor for the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan.

MYGRIN® Products - Available on AMAZON.COM

MYGRIN® Roll-On Gel (Menthol 3.5% USP) - External Analgesic (Cooling Pain Relief)
MYGRIN® Nighttime (Acetaminophen, Aspirin (NSAID)*, and Diphenhydramine Citrate) - Pain Reliever and Sleep Aid
*NonSteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug


Pain Rating Scale - Currently being updated

We thank you for your patience during this update.

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