Core Values

Sunascen Therapeutics is a fast-paced and continuously evolving business, which is often very demanding yet very rewarding. Our experts and professionals thrive on innovative approaches to problem solving with an uncompromising commitment to success, and pride for every successful milestone achieved. Our employees interactions with each other and most importantly our business partners and clients are what make Sunascen Therapeutics a great place to work. As a team, our employees are undauntedly ready to subjugate seemingly insurmountable obstacles with an unbreakable confidence in their individual abilities. Each individual exudes professionalism, excellence in quality, honesty, and integrity as it is reflected in results of their work. At Sunascen Therapeutics, our core values stem from innovation, teamwork, ownership and accountability, honesty and integrity, quality and excellence, and respect which create a uniquely diverse and dynamic culture. These core values serve as a working foundation for the way Sunascen Therapeutics and its employees conduct business.


We value individuals who build, strengthen, and maintain relationships.

We demonstrate respect for each other, clients, business partners and their shareholders, healthcare professionals, as well as patients we assist.

We are guided by our continuous commitment to treating others as we want to be treated, and we will treat others as they treat us.

We value and benefit from obtaining the opinions of a diverse group of individuals on each major task at hand.

We are passionate about the quality of our work delivered to our clients, business partners, and the resulting patient population.

We incorporate a full commitment and drive for success.

Ownership and Accountability

Individually and collaboratively, we take responsibility for our decisions and actions, and for achieving our goals.

We maintain accountability as specified to ourselves, our colleagues, clients, business partners and their shareholders, healthcare professionals, and patients we assist.

We encourage individuals to take ownership of tasks, no matter how menial those tasks may be.

We recognize the efforts of individual team members when they go above and beyond what is specified.

We do not lack courage in appropriately voicing our opinions for decisions, whether large or seemingly insignificant, and take appropriate positive action when something appears wrong.

We clearly define our goals and objectives on each task and take pride in what we achieve individually and collectively.

We take calculated risks when it is appropriate, and celebrate the rewards as a team, or understand and voice the need for support at critical points.

We commit to performing at our best level to succeed in our individual and collective goals.

Honesty and Integrity

Our obligation to doing the right thing is unyielding.

Honesty, trust, fairness, and ethics are the true core of every decision we make and every interaction we have with our clients, business partners, and others effected by the results of our work.

We value those who do the right thing even when it may not be most popular to do so.

We will be clear about individual and collective successes and failures, without a sense of defaming one another.


Our working culture supports, encourages, and regularly requires teamwork, cooperation, and honest and timely communication to provide quality results of the highest caliber.

We consider our flexibility to new ideas, views, and innovative approaches to problem solving as a team a key to our continued success.

We continue to function as a team and not become individual entities.

We support each other to collectively and collaboratively advance the entire organization, and provide superior services or solutions to our clients in every aspect.

To function at our best, our experts and professionals are encouraged and expected to create an environment where everyone understands and values each other’s contributions and expertise.

Although we work in a collective and collaborative manor, we encourage ownership on individual tasks as a principle and driving factor behind our overall progress as a team.

We are result driven, action oriented, and create value by making decisions which define proactive team plans, by proactively anticipating and resolving critical issues, and executing with a sense of urgency to implement appropriate solutions.

We foster a broadly diverse team representing different cultures, functions, experiences and perspectives to create a strong team and a company as diverse disciplines subjugate major challenges with ease.

We treat our fellow employees, clients, and our business partners with the trust and respect we want ourselves.

Most importantly, due to the nature of work at hand, we make every effort to create a lighthearted but serious working environment for each other.

Personal Fulfillment and Satisfaction

We acknowledge that the fundamental strength and success of Sunascen Therapeutics is due to the quality of work, continued education, passion, and motivation of our employees.

We understand the value and importance of a balanced work and home life, as well as professional growth, and development of our employees.

We make every effort to foster an environment that is professionally challenging and personally rewarding.

We encourage the development of our employees into leaders.

We make a commitment to support the communities we serve.

We strategically plan and manage our resources, partnerships, and how we govern ourselves for the advancement of our employees as well as the company itself.

Performance, Quality, and Excellence

We are a business which is led and driven by excellence in quality and science.

We encourage a relentless pursuit for improvement and excellence with zero tolerance for mediocrity, while anticipating and preparing for future challenges, not just those of today.

We understand and believe our success is dependent on the performance of our employees, and the quality of work delivered to our clients, and business partners.

As management consultants and business partners in the pharmaceutical and life science industry, the ultimate measure of our performance is determined by the quality of services or products distributed and the quality of care received by the resulting patient population being treated.

We generate value for our employees, patients, clients, business partners, and investors by upholding the highest quality of standards as defined by regulatory authorities.

Creativity and Innovation

We encourage creativity and intellectual curiosity.

We make every effort to understand and embrace a different train of thought, no matter how extreme it may seem at first. We harbor an environment for our employees to cultivate innovative ideas. One that remains flexible, constantly adapting to external changes, and capable of solving complex matters with an abundance of support for growth.

We embrace innovation and take smart risks to build on innovative ideas as far and as fast as possible.

We constantly strive to find a better and more efficient solution.

We never hold ourselves back by prior thinking.

We continue to ask tough questions and learn from past mistakes and errors.

We never lose our passion for innovation and advancement.

We work hard, and appropriately push limits to make our vision become a reality.