About Us

As a result of countless mergers and acquisitions over the past few years, multiple functional groups have been left in disarray. Highly skilled employees have been mixed into various subgroups, and guidelines or standard operating procedures have been intertwined. This has eliminated consistency and created an inefficiency in overall performance for most mid size and large companies. Additionally, vast changes and innovations have led to numerous spin-offs and start-up companies in the industry.

Sunascen Therapeutics LLC is a product development and management company, as well as an advisory management consulting company, focused solely on the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. We provide investors, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies, as well as other associated businesses with cost effective, compliant, and quality solutions in organizational development, global strategy, enterprise risk management, operational optimization, and change management. We also offer a full range of product development and support services designed to accelerate innovation and efficiently execute the approval process, new market entry, and support.

We are comprised of highly motivated, and result driven professionals that have proven expertise in the industry, both locally and globally. This enables us to respond appropriately when necessary changes are needed for our clients. Moreover, our clients gain access to a growing team of regulatory and product development experts throughout the different functions of a pharmaceutical or life sciences establishment.

Sunascen Therapeutics guiding principle is that the best advice and solutions require extensive scientific, regulatory, and technical expertise, with an appreciation for the critical business and a concern for the resulting patient population being treated. We specialize in providing quality services that offer flexible arrangements suited for our client’s specific needs.